Gillawarra Arts

Gillawarra Arts is a brand and creative arts business located on the mid-north coast of NSW. Krystal Hurst, the founder, is a Worimi woman who designs and handmakes jewellery using natural materials; her designs draw heavy inspiration from nature. Krystal wants her designs to represent old knowledge and new stories that Aboriginal women have interwoven. These two concepts of old and new within her designs should give the wearer a sense of pride, connection and empowerment. Art is a big part of the founder's identity, and she believes her designs carry a piece of her. Krystal was awarded ACT NAIDOC Artist of the Year in 2017. The sourcing of materials has come from gathering on Country, and others from local Australian retailers. With all of these beautiful products being handmade, you can trust that these products have been manufactured ethically and responsibly.

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