Hemp Clothing Australia

Hemp Clothing Australia is committed to producing quality over quantity, working with high-quality natural fibres to create long-lasting, classic pieces which don't go out of style. They are passionate about reducing the use of synthetic fibres and returning to natural and sustainable plant-based materials, creating garments that reduce your footprint on the planet. Hemp Clothing Australia makes ethical clothing and sustainable fashion the mainstream, not the alternative. As the name suggests, Hemp Clothing Australia has a soft spot for using Hemp material. Why? Hemp fabric is breathable and insulating, highly durable, naturally moisture-wicking and odour resistant, easy to wash and care for, and biodegradable. In addition, the hemp plant is highly renewable, uses no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers, has low water use. Finally, hemp is uncontested in its ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Hemp Clothing Australia is the perfect brand to help you build your capsule wardrobe.