BeeKeeper Parade

Beekeeper Parade creates one of a kind bags and pouches from upcycled, end of the roll, discarded or donated fabrics otherwise destined for landfill. Proceeds from each sale go to BabyTree Projects, a charity started by Beekeeper Parade founder Koky Saly and his late sister Sophia. Along with their family, they came to Australia as refugees from Cambodia in 1980. In Sophia's will, she left her car to her brother and instructed him to sell it and use the money to create a business to help support the Babytree Projects. Babytree projects is the charity the siblings founded together to fight for children's rights and bring a high level of education to the doorsteps of children in rural Cambodia. Through Beekeeper Parade, BabyTree Projects have built five schools in rural Cambodia, plus support teachers and provide facilities such as libraries and sanitation, empowering children and their communities. The ongoing mission is to create products that change the world while not harming the environment.