Biome's dresses category is the cross-road for sustainability and style. Dress's are an essential piece of every woman's wardrobe; a completed outfit in one garment is always a crowd favourite. Biome's wide selection of sustainable dresses includes organic essentials, statement party dresses, wrap dresses, boho weekend market dresses, and everyday workwear appropriate dresses, to name a few. So your go-to statement dress and throw on and go basic dress are covered. Within our dress category, you can expect to find sustainable fabrics, recycled and up-cycled designs, dresses made locally around the corner from you or dresses made from internationally renowned sustainable brands like Seaside Tones. With all of Biome's sustainable options, we are sure you will show your style with your selection. The best part? Knowing all of Biome's dresses are made with sustainability in mind so you can take the guilt out of shopping.