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Australia's best range of zero waste, low waste, sustainable gift ideas that are ethical and eco friendly. Find zero waste birthday gifts and zero waste Christmas gifts in-store and online here at Biome. 

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Zero Waste is a sensible philosophy that encourages the entire life of a product to be circuitous, just like nature, rather than sending items to a dead end in landfill or incinerators.  All sustainable-minded people realise that the resources of our planet are finite and we can not keep raiding the reserves to make short-lived consumer products that are soon discarded.  Goods and their packaging, when no longer re-usable, need to be either recyclable or compostable. Zero waste or low waste devotees avoid petrochemical plastic, particularly single use plastic, and love products that can be used again and again and again!

All of our zero waste gifts here will help the recipient live without waste, including either zero or minimal paper packaging that can be either recycled or composted. Biome ships with minimal plastic packaging too! 

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