Clothes pegs

Our stainless steel pegs will last a lifetime, and with good care you will never need to buy clothes pegs again. Our stainless steel laundry pegs don't get too hot in the sun, and they won't break as they are made from one piece of stainless steel wire. They are incredibly popular with our customers!

Click here to read our buying guide, which will help you choose the right pegs for your situation.

What is the best peg choice for you? Choose based on the length of the peg and diameter (thickness) of the stainless steel wire, and the grade of stainless steel to suit the conditions your pegs will be exposed to. We offer three grades: 201 standard, 304 medium grade and 316 never-rust marine grade (some peg sizes not available in all grades).

Normal pegs (the first three listed below): wire of 1.7mm diameter, pegs 5.8cm long. Easy Squeeze: wire of 1.5mm diameter, pegs 5.2cm long. Windy: wire of 2mm diameter, pegs 5.8cm long. Very Strong: wire of 2.3mm, pegs 6cm long.  Tiny: wire of 1.3mm, pegs 4.3cm long. Largest: wire of 2.1mm, pegs 8.5cm long.