SIGG 0.6L Traveller classic dark blue

The modern classic with regards to functionality and design. Bottle comes with screw top lid.

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you are making a difference:

  • Reuse your bottle instead of buying water in disposable petroleum plastic bottles.
  • Tough, leak-proof, replaceable parts -- a long life means energy and resources are not wasted to keep making disposable products.
  • Healthier choice for humans -- plastic drink bottles can leach harmful chemicals. SIGG bottles are independently tested to prove 0% leaching. The lining is free of Bisphenol A (BPA), pthlates or harmful chemicals.
  • Recyclable -- at the end of its life the aluminium bottle can be recycled.


  • Lightweight -- similar to a thick plastic sports bottle.
  • Taste neutral (no plastic taste) and safe for fruit acids, carbonated and energy drinks.
  • SIGG’s patented internal lining is baked on and will not crack even when the bottle is dented.
  • All the parts are replacable and the tops are interchangable.
  • Be aware of cheaper imitations as they do not have SIGG’s food-safe lining to stop leaching.
  • External colours are created with a solvent free powder coated finish.
  • Made in Switzerland for over 100 years.

materials & dimensions:
0.6 litre size. Narrow shape fits most water bottle holders and car drink holders. Bottle is made from a seamless piece of aluminium; plastic for lids.

The non-toxic, baked on internal coating is independently tested to prove it does not leach potential toxins.

By Stephanie L. on 29 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Lightweight
Comment : This bottle is very light making it easy to carry while out and about
(SIGG 0.6L Traveller classic dark blue)

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