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Magnart magnetic hanging system - pack of 4

An innovative reusable display system that eliminates the need for nails, pins, tape or blu-tac. Perfect for displaying photos, artwork, lists, invoices, posters, textiles, maps...

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Magnart organises and displays any permanent or temporary need by "clamping" things to the wall. Forget about any more blu-tac smudges!


Includes 4 cylindrical magnets, 4 wall plates, removable adhesive tabs.

The Magnart system was designed by Australian-based Abigail Crompton, after she was inspired by the simplicity of the "post-it note".

you are making a difference:

  • A reusable system that minimalises the resources required for achieving the same end result.


  • Magnart uses a strong cylindrical magnet to hold an item against a metal plate that is attached to the display surface with a removable adhesive tab.
  • Magnart will not damage objects or the surfaces on which they are displayed.
  • Magnart is inexpensive and easy to use, providing a smart alternative to traditional hanging systems.
  • Perfect for artists, photographers, teachers, retailers, office workers, parents, and students.
  • It works well in any room of the house, office, , studio, gallery, shed, garage or even boat!
  • Does not damage walls, so is perfect for rental properties.
  • Magnart is small so it can be easily stored or moved from place to place.
  • Magnart can be removed and reused without damaging underlying surfaces.
  • Magnart is made of metal so it will not bend or break. Magnart magnets will last approximately 7-10 years.
  • Dimensions: Backing Plate 32mm x 22mm, Cylindrical Magnet 10mm high, 8mm diameter
By Pierina C. on 27 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Great clean way of hanging
Comment : I love the simplicity of this system - and the way it leaves the pictures that are being hung - clean and undamaged.
(Magnart magnetic hanging system - pack of 4)

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