Stainless steel straw (8mm) - set of 4

Set of 4 reusable high food grade #304 stainless steel straws. Features a wide internal diameter ideal for smoothies and thick shakes along with other drinks.

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Set of 4 reusable high food grade #304 stainless steel straws.

Features a wide internal diameter ideal for smoothies and thick shakes along with other drinks.

you are making a difference:

  • Each time you use a reusable straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in landfill. A reusable straw has the potential to replace thousands of plastic straws!
  • High grade stainless steel won't leach toxins into your beverage as you drink.


  • Made from high quality food grade stainless steel #304.
  • Completely free of BPA and other nasty chemicals.
  • Suitable for cold drinks - not recommended for hot temperatures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Kid friendly (3+ years). However, a few safety points: Teach your child not to bite down on the glass straw as it may hurt their teeth or mouth. A stainless steel straw is not a toy! Do not let children use unsupervised. Do not allow children to walk or run with stainless steel.


  • 8mm diameter, 21.6cm length. Set of 4 individual stainless steel straws.
Made in China

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  • Shop by your values Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste, Made to Last
By Rachel L. on 12 June 2017 :

Title : No more plastic straws!
Comment : I use my easy to clean, plastic-free metal straws when out drinking cocktails with friends or at home sipping on a homemade smoothie. They're super easy to clean using a straw cleaning brush or pipe cleaner.
(Stainless steel straw (8mm) - set of 4)

By Marina C. on 03 June 2017 :

Title : Great product!
Comment : We love these straws in our house, and have given some away as gifts too. We use them for smoothies and milkshakes, so I'm very glad I also bought one of the little cleaning brushes too.

By India D. on 03 June 2017 :

Title : Great purchase!
Comment : A great way to stop using plastic straws. They are wide (but not too wide) and cold drinks feel colder going through the metal straw. Super easy to clean and highly recommend!

By Emma R. on 18 May 2017 :

Title : Very convenient
Comment : These are really nice to drink from & I thick enough for smoothies. My daughters love them & I love that they can't chew the ends.

By Tammy P. on 01 Feb. 2017 :

Title : No plastic
Comment : Great, easy to rinse, no mould or smell.

By Iona B. on 26 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Yay no plastic!
Comment : These are great, and unlike with the glass ones, I'm not afraid of popping a couple of steel straws in my handbag for when I'm out and about. I'm about to purchase some more as Christmas presents!

By Sarah M. on 05 Apr. 2015 :

Title : A good option
Comment : I like these, they will last a lifetime. I originally purchased for my toddler, but think they could be a bit dangerous for young child so use them myself.

By Binky C. on 22 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Love using a straw, but hate the waste?
Comment : I keep one at work and the rest at home. That way, if I pop into Boost Juice during the day, I don't get the guilts of using a single use straw. I would advise getting a straw cleaner as cleaning Chia seeds out of this is a bit tricky and not much fun without one.

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