Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight

BYO straw and save plastic waste! A high quality reusable food grade #304 stainless steel straw suitable for smoothies or thick drinks.    No packaging! Image with three straws shows from L-R: straw spoon, regular 8mm straw and smoothie 9.5mm straw. Check out our value packs also. Choose from the single or set options below:

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you are making a difference:

  • Each time you use a reusable straw it equals one less plastic straw ending up in landfill. A reusable straw has the potential to replace thousands of plastic straws!
  • High grade stainless steel won't leach toxins into your beverage as you drink.


  • Made from high quality food grade stainless steel #304.
  • Completely free of BPA and other nasty chemicals.
  • Suitable for cold drinks - not recommended for hot temperatures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Kid friendly (3+ years). However, a few safety points: Teach your child not to bite down on the straw as it may hurt their teeth or mouth. A stainless steel straw is not a toy! Do not let children use unsupervised. Do not allow children to walk or run with stainless steel.


  • 9.5mm diameter, 21.6cm length. Please note that these straws do not fit in the Ball Mason Daisy Lids.

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2 stainless steel straws for $6.60 (save 5%).

4 stainless steel smoothie straws for $12.60 (save 10%).

Made in China

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  • Shop by your values Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste, Made to Last, BPA Free
By on 08 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Best thing ever!
Comment : Love these at home for our smoothies! The smoothie stays cold all the way to the mouth.
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 17 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Plastic free
Comment : I have some in the car, bag and kitchen for when I need them. Easy to clean.
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 02 Dec. 2017 :
Title : Awesome thing to have around.
Comment : Love these straws, they're so handy, everything from using them in my insulated tumbler, to small bottles and normal glasses / cups. They are so light as well, you'd not notice they are steel, just from their weight.
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 10 Oct. 2017 :
Title : Great reusable straws
Comment : I’m glad I bought these, they’re great for my morning smoothies. I plan on taking one around with me so I don’t have to use any plastic straws again.
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 17 Aug. 2017 :
Title : Goodbye takeaway straws!
Comment : I love getting milkshakes but always hated using the plastic straws. I can carry this stainless steel straw in my bag and whip it out whenever I am out for a shake, and enjoy it guilt-free!!
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 15 Aug. 2017 :
Title : Excellent, reusable, guilt-free straws
Comment : My son loves drinking with a straw but buying plastic ones doesn't seem very earth friendly plus you always need to buy more. I purchased 2 of these and they are excellent as they are reusable and durable. Be sure to buy a straw cleaner too so you can keep them clean. Enjoy your straws, but help the planet too :)
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 29 July 2017 :
Title : Great buy
Comment : I am really glad I bought this as it is paying for its self and helping the environment. I always drink my morning smoothie using a straw and I'm super happy I am now not throwing away a plastic straw every day!
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)
By on 30 June 2017 :
Title : Love it!
Comment : Love my reusable straw! Was worried about getting used to the texture, but it didn't take long!
(Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw (9.5mm) - Straight)

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