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Onyx two layer double walled container 14cm

Insulated stainless steel food storage container or lunch box with two layers.  Lightweight, durable, double walled, with side clips to keep closed. Ideal for hot or cold lunches, it will keep food warm or cold for several hours.  

Made from #430 18/0 food grade stainless steel.  As it contains almost no nickel, 18/10 stainless steel may tarnish. Not suitable for dishwasher.

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For hot foods, always pre-heat with hot water.  For cold, pop into the freezer before adding cold items.

Container has two layers, the top tray is about 2.5cm deep and sits inside the outer bowl.  The bottom layer or main bowl, is about 8cm deep inside without the tray inserted on top (or about 6.5cm deep with the tray).  The container can be used without the top tray.

Made from Grade 430 18/0 food grade stainless steel.  Stainless steel grade 430 is a non-hardenable steel containing straight chromium and neglible nickel.  100% recyclable.

Not recommended for the dishwasher.  As this stainless steel contains no nickel it has reduced corrosion properties.  Dry immediately after washing.

14.5 cm diameter

Made in China.

Which stainless steel is safe?  

There are some 150 grades of stainless steel, but make sure that any surface that is touching food or drink in your container, bottle, cup or plate is made from 304, 316 or 430. Chromium and nickel do leach into foods/liquids depending on the grade of stainless steel and how the utensil is used.

Stainless steel is an alloy made up chromium, steel iron (often mined in Australia), molybdenum, nickel and other metals. The number of the grade refers to the amount of chromium and nickel in the product. 18/0 (18% chromium, no nickel), 18/8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel), 18/10 (18% chromium, 10% nickel).  Nickel is added to protect against corrosion and to give stainless steel its shine.  

If a magnet sticks to the stainless steel, it contains neglible nickel. If the stainless steel is not magnetic, then it contains nickel. 

High grade stainless steel is considered safe for use with foods and drinks because no harmful chemicals leach into your food from the material - note that the average person does consume small amounts of nickel, chromium and iron. High grade stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion from acids found in fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products.

304 stainless steel (covering the numbers 18/8/, 18/10), is the most commonly used food grade stainless steel for food preparation, dairy, brewing, utenstils and hospital and sanitation applications.

316 is the second most commonly used food grade, but as it contains more nickel than 304 it has better corrosion resistance.

430 18/0 stainless steel contains almost no nickel (and thus not magnetic), making it more likely to rust athough still high quality.

Food containers and lunch boxes made from 200 type stainless steel are quite common because 200 is less expensive than 304 grade due to manufacturers substituting manganese for nickel.  They are not as resistant to corrosion and not as high quality.

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By Kate M. on 14 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Works well
Comment : This works well for keeping warm, but not hot. We still prefer our thermos for soups as it seems to keep hotter than this. But it's great for taking lunches to work and doesn't seem to leak. Wide mouth makes it easy to transfer from the saucepan into the container.
(Onyx two layer double walled container 14cm)

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