Stainless steel ice cube tray

Made from heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel, this fast freeze icecube tray is easy to use, easy to clean and will last a lifetime.  Classic design from the 1950's.

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Made from heavy duty 18/8 stainless steel, this fast freeze icecube tray is easy to use, easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Fast freeze, two-part icecube tray (18 icecubes). This two-part system goes back to the trays of the 1950's.

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  • A kitchen essential, an elegantly clean and unbreakable design - no more bent, cracked & split ice cube trays leaking in the freezer!
  • To use, simply operate the integrated lever, which quickly and easily releases the ice cubes perfectly.
  • The trays also stack neatly on top of one another in the freezer.
  • Lead free.

Canadian company. Made in Hong Kong.

  • Shop by your values Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste, Made to Last
By Christine B. on 25 Jan. 2017 :

Title : Love mine!!
Comment : I remembered as a kid how good ice tasted in these. I bought 2!! I use one for ice and one for freezing left over smoothies to make little ice cream snacks. I also bought the lid. Just remove the ice cube cutter once set and they stack well.
(Stainless steel ice cube tray)

By Iona B. on 31 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Heavy Duty!
Comment : I purchased one of these ice cube trays over 3 years ago now, after wanting to move away from plastic versions for both health and longevity reasons. I'm pleased to report that after continuous use, mine still looks and performs as good as new. Onyx products are excellent quality and well made. There is a knack to levering the ice cubes out once frozen, but it did not take long to get that hang of it. I also like that you can now purchase lids, which gives the option of stacking several of these in your freezer very easily - handy in summer!

By Jennifer C. on 31 Oct. 2016 :

Title : Love the retro look!
Comment : My partner was reminiscing about how good the old stainless steel ice-cube trays used to be, after breaking yet another plastic one! When I saw this on the Biome website I couldn't be happier and I made him a very happy man when I handed it to him! It is great to use, gives us heaps of ice blocks and won't be breaking any time soon. Thanks so much for this great product.

By Kate M. on 22 Sept. 2016 :

Title : Love it!
Comment : We love this tray! It would be good if it came with a lid too, but still really happy with it.

By Shani M. on 18 July 2016 :

Title : Stylish and easy to use
Comment : I was looking to replace my plastic ice cube tray and bought one of these. I do love it, looks great and easy to use. Didn't realise I had to buy the lid separately but I just use foil to cover it. Hope to buy a few more over time as they are quite expensive but feels more like an investment.

By Danya L. on 23 June 2016 :

Title : Will be great for summer
Comment : I love it so much! The ice cubes are bigger than most, and come out in an angular shape.

By Alison R. on 28 Jan. 2016 :

Title : Fantastic Design
Comment : I love this tray. It is super easy to use and I love knowing that I am not freezing in plastic something that I intend to store in glass!

By Rebecca E. on 16 Dec. 2015 :

Title : Super Sturdy
Comment : This is super sturdy and I know it will last forever. The cubes are quite a big size. Easy to use.

By Sarah M. on 18 July 2015 :

Title : Sturdy product
Comment : No problem to get the frozen ice out. I also use these for stock so I've little pockets of stock ready to go. Wonderful product, very strong. Will last a lifetime!

By Sue G. on 04 Feb. 2015 :

Title : Just one outlay
Comment : I'm very happy with this solid ice tray and no questionable plastic to worry about. The cubes come out easily and it's all easily washed. Fantastic product!

By vince S. on 31 Jan. 2015 :

Title : Stainless steel ice cube tray
Comment : I love these stainless steel ice trays and have purchased 2 of them. I did wonder if the ice would come out easily but it does, and makes lovely big ice cubes. I also love the 1950s retro feel! Very happy with these ice trays and the fact that I am using steel and not plastic. They are expensive but I feel they will last for ever and are completely worth it.

By Melissa B. on 21 Nov. 2014 :

Title : It's a one off cost
Comment : I have 4 of these, they are pricey I know, it's a one off cost - they are really good. Just avoid putting any citrus in stainless steel (and also tomatoes) as anything acidic is going to cause further leeching. My husband thinks these are fantastic, we use them all the time, so once you get over the initial outlay they really are worth purchasing to avoid plastic and silicone

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