Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg

Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg

vegan palm oil free

'That Red House' certified organic Soapberries are the natural alternative to traditional fabric softeners and laundry detergents. Can also be used as a concentrated all purpose liquid soap. Harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, the shell contains high levels of 'saponin' that create suds in your machine. 1kg = approx. 365 wash loads.

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you are making a difference:

  • Supporting the 'Grow Nepal' initiative which creates a future for the Nepalese people, and protecting the trees helps reduce deforestation in the Himalayas.
  • Reducing pollution by using a raw plant product with almost no processing or packaging and that is fully compostable.
  • Completely chemical free, grey water safe, septic safe.
  • No plastic bottle - calico bag can be reused and nuts can be composted at the end of use.

The shell is exceptionally high in 'saponin' which is nature's soap. This saponin content reduces the surface tension of the water so it will remove dirt and leave fabrics, soft and clean.

Intructions for use:

  • Place the equivalent of five whole shells in the small cotton bag provided.
  • Add bag to normal washload and remove when finished. 
  • Use warmer water for heavily soiled loads (40-60 degrees).
  • Re-use the same shells for approx. four more loads.
  • When finished, shells are thin and brittle, at which point they can be added to your compost to break down naturally.
You can also make a multi-purpose liquid by boiling the berries for 15 minutes, and use the liquid for anything, from shampoo to a cleaner.


  • Money saving. Soapberries cost around 10c per wash load for a 1kg bag. Compared to conventional washing powders, they can save you a great deal over the course of a year. Data supplied by That Red House.
  • USDA and ECO CERT certified organic.
  • Hypo-allergenic. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odorless.
  • Packaged in resuable draw string bag with small wash bag.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Safe for babies and children.


1kg (365+ washloads).  includes two small wash bags.

100% Australian owned company.

  • Shop by your values Synthetic Fragrance Free, Petrochemical free, Toxin free, Plastic free, Certified Organic, Zero waste, Compostable
By on 30 Oct. 2017 :
Title : I can’t believe how well it works
Comment : What an awesome bag of cleanliness. I wasn’t convinced but figured hey, it wasn’t a fortune to spend and what did I have to lose. These little berries are amazing, remove stains, clothes are fresh, I even used them on brand new sheets and they came out so soft after the very first wash which has never happened, The biggest thing I noticed was how my clothing and linens didn’t seem to hold extra water after the spin cycle as they did with previous products. This is definitely a product I will use for as long as it is sold.
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 30 Aug. 2017 :
Title : Laundry improvement
Comment : I love these berries. Have a front loader and I have done 5 loads with the same berries. Washing dries on the line and smells just as clean as with detergent. I love the fact that that it is a natural soap, no chemicals.
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 13 July 2017 :
Title : Where have they been all my life?
Comment : Traditional laundry powder would leave my clothes feeling stiff and smelling like fragrance and would often not get the odour out of socks and shirts. So I though i would give soapberries a go as i had heard some great things. The first wash was OMG! There was no odour on my clothes at all! They smelt lovely and clean and felt amazing. I was so happy with the results. Soap berries are so cheap, you get 5 washes out of 5 small berries. They are organic and natural for the environment, and they work better than any laundry detergent i have ever used! I wish i had found these earlier. I tell everyone about them! I have found my laundry detergent for LIFE!
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 30 June 2017 :
Title : Lovely to see nature at work
Comment : I switched to these soapberries as my daughter's skin suffers from even gentle laundry powder. At first I was skeptical but these do work and I love that I can throw them straight into the compost. They are very economical even though I do use a little more than indicated for heavier loads. Love the reusable calico bag too!
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 22 May 2017 :
Title : Very good and ecomonical
Comment : I bought a small bag nearly a year ago, and am only just getting to the end of it now. I plan on buying the 1kg bag next time. My clothes always are fresh when they come out of the washing machine using these. No residual smells or dirt. For tough stains, I use an environmentally-friendly stain remover. I also sometimes put some tea tree or eucalyptus oil in with the wash (especially for towels, dish cloths, or bedding), just for an extra fresh scent. I am very happy with these and will definitely continue to buy them!
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 16 Apr. 2017 :
Title : Goodbye plastic bottles of laundry detergent
Comment : These are great! They are cheap and really work and don't make your clothes smell like detergent!
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 07 Apr. 2017 :
Title : Soapberries are amazing!!
Comment : We are a family for 4 and have been using these for a year. I love love love them. I have two messy boys and a hubby whose work is quiet hard on his clothes and these bring them up clean and fresh every time. On really tough grease from work I use a pre-treater as well and love the results. You can use them in your dishwasher and to make handwash, shampoo and heaps of other cleaners. I haven't tried yet - but as I use up my chemical filled cleaners I will be checking out each option.
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 10 March 2017 :
Title : Very Happy
Comment : I have been using these for months now and there is hardly a dent in the bag so this will last a long time. They work really well and leave clothes smelling fresh without an over powering scent. We put 5 soapberries in the little bag provided and this lasts about 5 large loads of washing.
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)
By on 11 Feb. 2017 :
Title : They do a really good job
Comment : Have been using these for the laundry and they work wonderfully. Really easy to use and great that they come with two calico bags- it lets me rotate them so they dry out between washes. I use with scented essential oil.
(Organic Soap Berries (Soap Nuts) Natural Laundry Detergent 1kg)

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