Yumbox bento lunch box - panino Aztec Red

Yumbox Panino is the big sister to the original Yumbox bento style lunch box. It is an ideal design for adults and children of all ages with 4 versatile compartments & a single leakproof lid.

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Yumbox Panino is the big sister to the original Yumbox bento style lunch box and is perfect for adults and growing children of all ages.


  • 100% BPA free, Phthalates-free, CPSIA and FDA compliant.
  • Four food compartments help to prepare a healthy lunch with a variety of foods to create a balanced meal. 
  • Yumbox is easy to clean. The tray which fits snuggly in the bottom half of the exterior box can be removed easily for cleaning, packing or for at home use, kids love eating their meals out of Yumbox’s tray at home too.
  • Yumbox Panino is perfect for adults and growing children of all ages.
  • Compact and fits perfectly into our SoYoung lunch box totes. If you are packing food that needs to be kept cold, we recommend packing Yumbox in a thermal tote with an ice pack to keep contents cool.
  • Yumbox is dishwasher safe. Top rack only. Handwashing is recommended for the outer shell and/or removing it before the dry heat cycle. Not to be heated over 65c.



Yumbox is made with ABS plastic (exterior box), BPA-free Tritan plastic (tray), and silicone (seal).


To ensure that food stays in place and doesn't leak to other compartments, be sure to follow easy steps:

  • Do not overfill compartments; 
  • Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, applesauce and yogurts; 
  • Keep contents cool by adding an ice pack to your lunch tote; 
  • When closing Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal. 
  • Do not pack youghurty drinks, soups or runny/watery dressings. 
  • You can pack foods with the consistency of ranch dressing, ketchup, chunky salsas, hummus, yogurt, and veggie dips. These are all great options. 
  • If you are not sure if your food choice is too liquidy to pack, we suggest that you conduct a quick test beforehand. Simply add the test food to a compartment, close Yumbox properly and give it a good shake (or leave it on its side for 10 min.) Set Yumbox back to normal position and open to see the results.

you are making a difference:

  • Pack a waste free lunch. 
  • YumBox saves you money and time by eliminating the need for zip-lock baggies, multiple lids, plastic wrap and single use disposable containers. 
  • Turn your child’s meals into a food adventure by offering a healthy variety of foods that will instill good eating habits in a fun way.


21.5 cm  x 15 cm  x  5 cm and weighs 600g.

Yumbox fits nicely into the SoYoung insulated lunchbox bag and Packit personal cooler to help keep the contents fresh.
  • Age Kids
  • Size Lunch
  • Replace disposables Plastic wrap
  • Reduce the waste I generate Waste free lunch
  • Eliminate toxins BPA free
  • Suitable for School age
  • Style Bento box/dividers
  • Colour Green
  • Material Plastic
  • Shop by your values Zero waste, PVC Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free
By Sarah F. on 20 Nov. 2016 :

Title : Love these lunchboxes
Comment : I bought these lunchboxes for my 3 children (4,5 and 5) and after a year they still look brand new. No leaks, perfect for portion control, and my kids have no problems opening them without assistance. I have since bought one for hubby and I, and the snack versions as well. Great lunchboxes.
(Yumbox bento lunch box - panino Aztec Red)

By Sarah A. on 19 Sept. 2016 :

Title : Great Concept, would prefer if were metal.
Comment : I bought 3 of these bento boxes for my kids lunches and love the idea. I would love them more if they weren't plastic and were more kid-proof. Be warned that dropping the lunch box will result in cracks, after a few weeks i noticed a small crack in the bottom of one lunch box, even though the child didn't remember dropping it at all. Another child had a small dent in the corner of theirs, presumably from dropping. Also, one latch became loose. That all being said, I love these and have not had a spill yet, after 6 months of use. This size is perfect for a sandwich but the compartments aren't huge - each one might fit half a cut medium sized apple. So they do what they say, but need to be used gently.

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