Queen B Black Label Moonlight Candle Refills

Queen B Black Label Moonlight Candle Refills

palm oil free

This Moonlight refill box contains 4 pure Australian beeswax tealight candles that fit in the Moonlight holders. 7 hours burn time per candle. 

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you are making a difference:

  • Queen B candles are made from pure Australian beeswax and do not contain harmful environmental damaging additives such as paraffin, soy or palm wax. 
  • Pure Australian beeswax is the highest quality beeswax in the world. 
  • Purchasing Queen B supports regional beekeepers and the bee populations. 
  • Candles made from beeswax ionise the air, unlike paraffin candles that emit a toxic smoke. 


  • 4 beeswax candle refills that fit the Queen B Black Label Moonlight giftbox. 
  • Every Queen B candle is created by hand, rolled with just the right pressure and at just the right temperature to ensure a candle that will burn perfectly.
  • Naturally and subtly honey-scented - no synthetic fragrances.
  • Keeping your candle out of a draft will ensure it burns for longer and doesn't drip. You can also refrigerate them for an hour or so prior to lighting. Keep the wick of your candle trimmed to 5 - 7 mm.
  • It is best to extinguish your Queen B candle by 'dunking' the wick into its own pool of wax using a pencil, chopstick or stick. 
  • It may be necessary to trim the edge of the refill candle - do not force refill into glass holder, as the glass may break. Put the trimmed wax on top of the refill so that it isn't wasted. 
  • Burn time: 7 hours. 

dimensions / materials:

Candles: 3.5cm height x 5.5cm diameter / 100% Australian natural beeswax, cotton wick. 

Made in Australia. 

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