Euca laundry powder 2kg

Euca laundry powder.

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Cleans brilliantly and is safe for you and the environment.  Ultra concentrated with absolutely no fillers, synthetic perfumes, petrochemical surfactants and independently tested for low trace elements. Low allergenic. Safe for grey water and septic systems. Australian made.

Other powders that contain these nasty ingredients don't completely dissolve and leave white powder residue on your washing, corrode your washing machine and are major triggers of bronchial and skin sensitivities. 

Euca is independently tested and proven to be amongst the lowest in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation including phosphorus and sodium sulphate (salts).

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  • Low allergenic.
  • Suitable for both top and front load washing machines. 
  • 100% soluble in cold, warm and hot water.
  • Ultra-concentrated meaning you use less and save more. Average number of washes: 100 front loader, 50 top loader.
  • Free from all fillers, Zeolites, SLS, enzymes, synthetic perfumes and petrochemical surfactants.
  • Independently tested to have 35% less sodium suphate (salts) which is harmful to our soil, waterways, causes corrosion and is a major allergy trigger.
  • Very low percentage of food-grade phosphorus, a non-renewable resource. Readily degradable and contains less than the Australian responsible environmental standard.
  • Septic & grey water system safe.
  • Not tested on animals.


A blend of sodium carbonate, bio detergents and bio surfactants with 100% Australian eucalyptus oil.

Australian made and owned.

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By on 26 Apr. 2017 :
Title : Doesn't agitate skin
Comment : I have been using this powder for years now. My skin was getting agitated by harsher washing powders before I changed to Euca. I like that there's no fragrance.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 17 Nov. 2016 :
Title : Euca Laundry Powder
Comment : Changed to this detergent a couple of years ago and haven't used anything else since. Cleans clothes really well and you only need a small amount of power so it lasts a long time. Doesn't irritate the skin unlike other powders I have tried. Very happy with this product.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 15 June 2016 :
Title : Great laundry powder
Comment : This has lasted me a couple of months washing every day and works really well even on stains and odours. The smell is light and fresh. Highly recommended.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 23 Dec. 2015 :
Title : Just as good as commercial powder
Comment : This stuff works just as well as commercial powders, but it's better for you and better for the environment. Makes the clothes really clean, has a nice fresh but not overpowering eucalyptus scent, and leaves the clothes smelling clean (but basically like nothing - no gross fake smell).
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 06 Oct. 2015 :
Title : Euca Laundry Powder
Comment : I purchased this as an alternative to the Fab powder I have used pretty much all my life. I did 5 loads of washing this past weekend and whilst I cant comment on colour fading etc., what I can say is that somehow stains on my basic 'wear around the house clothes' are pretty much non existent to the point where I can't tell the difference between these and the same basic 'going out clothes'! I dried my clothes in the sun and didn't notice any of the wash powder scent. Very impressed so far. Thanks Tiffany (city store) for your advice!
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 11 June 2015 :
Title : Great cleaner
Comment : This even gets the smell out of very absorbent re-usable nappies. Very happy.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 12 Apr. 2015 :
Title : You can drain the rinse cycle onto your lawn
Comment : Okay, so I can't in all honesty claim this is better than the commercial product I was using before (Radiant), I can however, say in all honesty it is just as good and I will keep using it because it is better for our environment.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 31 Jan. 2015 :
Title : Euca Laundry Powder
Comment : I love Euca laundry powder. It cleans our clothes really well, even the clothes my three boys wear, who are aged 2, 4 and 6, so they often get quite grubby! The clothes always smell beautiful and fresh after washing too. I highly recommend this washing powder.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)
By on 29 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Fantastic laundry powder
Comment : This laundry powder cleans my clothes really well. I love also that it is safe to use for the environment, low allergenic (my family has not had any issues with this powder) and safe for our septic system. It is one of my favourite laundry powders.
(Euca laundry powder 2kg)

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