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ENI puzzle

The latest puzzle craze for children and adults. Place the tiles into patterns with rotating and sliding moves that manipulate the empty space.  Set your own challenges and patterns to solve.  Carry it with you in your pocket or bag to keep your mind and hands active.

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This is the type of toy that anyone can play without instruction... a little curiosity will lead the way!

 The Eni Puzzle consists of eight columns of tiles that can be moved up, down and around the puzzle. The object is to sort the tiles into columns. For a greater challenge, sort them into an alternative pattern of your own choosing - like the examples shown in the photo here.

This mini puzzle is designed to fit into your pocket, backpack, or hand bag.

It goes where you go!  On the bus, planes, the back of mum’s car... the idea is to keep the hands moving while exercising your brain.

Enhances the basic fundamentals of math and creativity. Wii & Playstations video games require cartridges, controllers, batteries, and a lot of space.  With an Eni Puzzle, the only requirements are a little curiosity and one small empty space.

The puzzle is not one that requires remembering a set of moves, but a multi-solution puzzle that allows creativity to form and keep the mind inquisitive and challenged.

ENI puzzle was designed to exercise fundamental skills that are being ignored in modern technology by assisting simple eye-and-hand motor skills (EQ) while stimulating the brain (IQ).

Designed by a family team in the USA and Korea.  Made in South Korea.

By sharyn H. on 27 Oct. 2014 :

Title : Great fun for adults and children alike.
Comment : This is a great little puzzle for adults and children alike (we own 2 of these so you can even challenge one another). It reminded me of the rubix cube but I think it is trickier/more fun than that. It is small and compact (so you can easily throw it into your bag if you want something to entertain your children when out and about). The whole family uses this and we all have fun doing it (especially my husband).
(ENI puzzle)

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