Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g

Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g

vegan palm oil free

Our medicinal grade activated charcoal is detoxifying, highly absorptive, steam activated and 100% plant-based (coconut shell). Ideal for making whitening toothpastes, face masks and in hair care. Ideal for reducing black heads and helping with acne prone skin.  Packaged in a reusable glass jar with steel screw top lid. Food grade though we are selling for skin care applications.  25g

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Note: your reusable glass jar may be smooth glass or diamond textured.


Our medicinal grade activated charcoal is detoxifying, highly absorptive, steam activated and 100% plant-based (coconut shell).

A little goes a long way.


  • Detoxifying 
  • Draws oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores
  • Ideal for acne
  • Odour absorbing
  • Deep cleansing
  • Soothing
  • Teeth whitening

How to make your own Acne and Blackhead Charcoal Mask

Mix one tablespoon of Bentonite Clay with one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (avail at our Balmoral store in bulk), add 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal and mix in a few drops of powerful anti-bacterial Australian Tea Tree Oil.  Mix to paste and apply as mask to problem areas.  Leave to dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash off.

Use to make

  • Toothpaste
  • Mascara
  • Face masks
  • Hair care
  • Detox pastes

Make your own zero waste, DIY skin care to save money and save packaging waste

Looking to simplify, reduce waste and know exactly what you are putting on your skin?  As well as online here, all the Biome stores offer a range of these raw ingredients in convenient size reusable glass jars, while our Naked Beauty Bar at the Balmoral store (216 Riding Road) offers these and more natural ingredients in bulk, so you can buy just the amount you need.  Bring your own glass jars or choose from our containers to suit.

Find all our Home Made skin care recipes here >

Find all our DIY skin care ingredients online here >


  • Shop by your values Vegan, Petrochemical free, Toxin free, Plastic free, Zero waste
By on 19 Sept. 2017 :
Title : Very good
Comment : I bought for the first time this activated charcoal powder to prepare a natural face wash, I'm very happy about the quality of it and you really just need to use a tiny bit of it at a time so it really last long time. Good price for value. Not to mention that it comes in a super cute little glass jar perfect to be re used for DIY cosmetics or in the kitchen.
(Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g)
By on 30 July 2017 :
Title : Excellent Value
Comment : I have used this at least 5 times and barely made a dent in the amount in the pot! Great for toothbrushing and armpit detoxes. The glass pot is especially pretty and I will definitely be reusing it after the contents are gone.
(Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g)
By on 29 July 2017 :
Title : Great product and good value
Comment : I love using this in face masks and also to whiten my teeth. There are some really expensive charcoal teeth whitening products out there and I think it's much better value to use this with some coconut oil. Really happy I bought it.
(Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g)
By on 29 June 2017 :
Title : Great value
Comment : A little goes a long way so I was really happy with the amount you get. I've used it for face products and I love the recipes on your website. The beauty bar is such a great idea.
(Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g)
By on 12 May 2017 :
Title : Great size pot - a little goes a long way
Comment : Perfect size glass pot. Have used mine for face masks and teeth whitening and only need a very small amount each time. Would be ideal for it to come with a small scoop inside the jar.
(Activated Charcoal in Glass Jar 25g)

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