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Biome Rewards

Our way of saying thank you for the many ways you choose to make a difference to our fragile planet. We aim to create an inspiring and enriching experience and want to give you many reasons to be a part of that journey. We know you'll enjoy the rewards…. 

Your purchases online and in-store are now under separate programs (we launched the new online program on 18 May 2012).  With both programs you accrue vouchers worth 5% of your purchases, but please read below how it works differently online and in-store.

From 18 May 2012, vouchers accrued online can only be spent online and vouchers accrued in-store can only be used in-store. Any vouchers issued under our old system can still be used either way as described on the voucher you received.


Online program

Your points start accruing as soon as you shop online and you can redeem them with your next online order.

The points are shown with every product and at checkout. Please note that Reward Points do not accrue for products that are already discounted. Once you convert your points to a voucher you will have 12 months to use the voucher.   Terms and conditions apply.

To redeem your points, please log in to MY ACCOUNT on the top menu bar, then click on "My loyalty points".  You can choose to "Transform your points into a voucher" at any time.  Below that you will now see "Vouchers from my loyalty points".  To apply the voucher at online checkout, simply enter the code that starts with FID.

Should you have made purchases online prior to 18 May 2012, we will still honour these points. Our previous Reward program only gave a voucher once you reached $500.  Simply email us to claim your old Reward balance.

You will also receive our regular Rewards newsletter with great specials, eco living news and extra benefits throughout the year.  Please add to your 'safe senders list' so that you don't miss our specials.


In-store program

Please tell us before you make a purchase that you would like to join. We quickly enter your details and that purchase is immediately included. 

To accumulate future purchases you simply need to tell us each time at checkout that you are in our Rewards program.

For every $500 you spend* either in our Paddington or City stores combined (over any period of time) you will receive a $25 gift voucher ** Terms & conditions do apply.  Any vouchers accumulated will be emailed every six months.

If you do not wish to provide us with an email address, we will not be able to send your voucher by email - therefore, please check in-store occasionally to see if a voucher has been issued for you.

You will also receive our regular Rewards newsletter with great specials, eco living news and extra benefits throughout the year.  Please add * to your 'safe senders list' so that you don't miss our vouchers.

Keeping your details up to date

Store program - please advise us in store that your email address or name has changed. 

Online program -  please make the changes under My Account.

Should you have any queries, please email us on



We are privileged to have you as part of our customer program and your privacy is precious to us. Your details will never be shared with any one else. At the end of each e-news will be an 'unsubscribe' link should you wish to stop receiving our news.


** Terms & conditions

  1. Biome Living Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the reward offered, the terms and conditions, or to end this program at any time.
  2. Where a customer purchases items on sale or discounted packages, those purchases will not accrue towards your Rewards expenditure.
  3. Your Rewards voucher can not be applied to sale items.
  4. All Reward vouchers must be spent in the entirety of the amount issued at one time. Vouchers are not transferable and no part can be redeemed in cash.
  5. In-store vouchers must be used within three months of issue.  Online vouchers must be used within 12 months.
  6. Purchases of discounted nappy packages do not accrue towards your Rewards expenditure.
  7. This program does not apply to export, corporate or bulk order discount customers.

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