You may notice that we have changed our look from green to blue!  After 14 years of being the best green store in Australia, we feel that our new blue represents Biome's planet-saving focus—afterall, our planet when viewed from the universe is know as The Blue Marble

Blue Marble image of Earth Two thirds of the Earth is covered by life-giving oceans, lakes and frozen water, and our mission at Biome is to keep plastic and other pollutants from those waters. Not only are we environmentally-sustainable, but we delve into the whole story of a product like human rights, cruelty free, zero waste, and supporting local.  Not to mention, blue is clean, just like our clean beauty and 100% toxin free products.

This iconic "Blue Marble" image taken by the crew of Apollo 17 in 1972 was the first ever photo of the complete planet. There was not another taken until 2015, when "Al Gore's satellite" finally made it into space giving humanity an important perspective on our home.



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