Palm oil free body, personal care, cleaning and food products - your peace of mind guide.

Use your purchasing power to vote against animal cruelty and environmental destruction by choosing from our exceptional palm oil free ranges.

The glossed over truth is that a brand using palm oil in any form, even if claimed 'sustainable', can not be cruelty free, unless you are able to trace the palm oil back to the plantation where it was grown.

Palm oil is a high yield, low cost crop used extenstively in food, cleaning and personal care under hidden synthesised ingredients like Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, Caprylic Triglyceride and Cetyl Alcohol. Much of the industry is out of control and it is almost impossible to know whether the palm oil came from an area where peatland and rainforest were decimated, and orangutans, tigers and countless other species were killed.  Greenpeace says that claims of "sustainable palm" by the RSPO are greenwash.  Read more about palm oil and what you can do >

Please note that a brand on this list may not have every product palm oil free - only the products on Biome's website are palm oil free.  Palm Oil Investigations (POI) Approved Brands: Evohe, Mokosh, Hurraw, Urthly Organics, Two Winged Fruit, 99th Monkey.

If the product below does not have a direct link, please search for it using the Seach bar up above. More products are arriving soon...

Palm Oil Free Skin & Body Care

Cream Cleanser  Evohe Creamy Cleanser, Harmoni's Kiss Teen Cleanser, Miessence Cleansers, Z'kin, Enessa, Kaelen Harwell
Foaming Cleanser  Evohe Foam Wash, Cedar + Stone Foaming Cleanser, Noosa Basics
Gel Cleanser Z'kin
Oil Cleanser Mokosh Cleansing Oil, Badger Argan Oil, Cedar + Stone Cleansing Oil, Badger Unscented Oil, Black Chicken Cleanse My Face, Coconut Magic Coconut Oil, Cocokind, 
Clay Cleanser Corrynnes clay block, Mokosh (powder), Beauty & Bees Charcoal Soap
Solid Soap Cleanser Beauty & Bees Soaps, Cedar + Stone, Dindi, Corrynne's, Mokosh, Urthly Organics,
Other cleansers Kuu Konjac Sponges, Boho Things, Meeka Sponges & Towel, Black Chicken Muslin Cloths, Natures Child Organic Cotton Face Wipes, Nail & Body Brushes, Hemp Wash Cloths, Saffix Scrub Pad, Organic Cotton Buds, Organic Cotton Cosmetic Pads, Thurlby Agave Cloth, Bodecare Sisal Glove, Bodecare Loofah, Redecker Isola Sisal Mit
Toner, Hydrosol, Mist

Mokosh Hydrosol Toner, Evohe Mist, Akhal, Clemence, Cedar + Stone, Black Chicken Hydrate My Face, Harmoni's Kiss, Z'kin,  Kosmea, Mt Retour Rose Mist, Tinderbox Orange Flower Toner, Miessence Skin Conditioners, Miessence body spray, Bodecare Tea Tree Spray, Cocokind, Kaelen Harwell

Face Moisturiser Cream                       Evohe Moisture Lite, Mokosh Light Face Cream, Mokosh Rich Face Cream, Harmoni's Kiss, Miessence, Cocokind, Kaelen Harwell,   See all >
Night Repair Evohe Repair Intensive Cream,
Face Oil /Serum/Balm  Mokosh Pomegranate Face Serum, Evohe Omega 3.6.9. Serum, Kosmea Rose Hip Oil, Est Rose Remedy, Black Chicken Face Serum, Clemence, Akhal Argan & Prickly Pear, Badger, Skin Food, The Aust. Jojoba Co. Clemence, Cedar + Stone, Acure Argan Oils, Inika rosehip oil, Banana Ointment, Mokosh, Evohe, Miessence after shave balm, Cocokind, Enessa, Kaelen Harwell, See all >
Face Moisturiser Gel Miessence, Miessence couperose gel, Enessa,  See all >
Men's Shave & Beards B&Bees, Cedar + Stone, Dindi, Olieve, Black Chicken, MIessence After Shave Balm  See all >
Face Treatments /Problem Skin / Acne Miessence Blemish Gel, Miessence Soothing Couperose Gel, Enessa, Kaelen Harwell, 
Exfoliate Face Mokosh Face Powder, Black Chicken Face Polish, DIY Skin Care Ingredients, Akhal Rhasoul Clay, Corrynne's Moroccan Scrub, Dry Face Brush, Z'kin, DIY skincare, Miessence Garnet Exfoliant, Cocokind, Enessa, Kaelen Harwell, Corrynne's Face Block, See all >
Face Mask Mokosh Face Powder, Evohe Silica MaskDIY Skin Care Ingredients, Super Charged Scrub, Akhal clay, Black Chicken, Corrynne's Face Block, Evohe, Cedar + Stone, Z'kin, Miessence, Cocokind, Kaelen Harwell, See all >
Makeup Remover Mokosh Makeup Remover, Coconut Magic, Cedar + Stone Cleansing Oil, 
Healing  Est Rose Remedy,


Deodorant Black Chicken Axilla Paste, Honestly pHresh, Fresca, Earth's Purities Paste, Miessence,  DIY Skin Care Ingredients, See all >
Hand Cream Est Botanical Salve, Badger Cuticle Care, Badger Hardworking Hands Balm, Miessence Hand Cream, Two Winged Fruit, See all >
Hand Sanitiser No palm oil free as yet.  Dr Bronner's contains ethical traceable palm.
Body Wash & Soap Urthly Organics soap bars, Gunbower, Dindi, Two Winged Fruit, Est, Mokosh,  Corrynnes soap, B&Bees, Soapnuts, Olieve, Miessence bars, biome soap, See all >
Body Scrub Corrynne's Body Block, Mokosh, Super Charged Scrub, Olieve, O'hana Salt Sugar Body Scrub, La Mav coffee scrub, See all >
Body Moisturiser Lotion /Light Miessence Body Cream, See all >
Body Cream /Butter Mokosh Orange Body Cream, Mokosh Pure Body Balm, Olieve, Organic Essence, O'hana, Cocokind, See all >
Body Oil/Serum Evohe Omega Body Oil, Mokosh, Badger, Meeka body oils, The Aust. Jojoba Co, Clemence, See all >
Body Balm/Salve  Est Botanical Salve, Mokosh, Badger, Skinfood, B&Bees belly balm, NC bottom/wonder balms, Suvana, Olieve, Banana ointment, Baby coconut balm, Black Chicken, 
Bath Soak Corrynne's Relax Bath Salts, Corrynne's Mineral Coconut Milk Bath, Clemence, O'hana, 


TEETHPalm free
Toothpaste Adult My Magic Mud, Riddells Creek, DIY Skin Care Ingredients, See all >
Toothpaste Child Riddells Creek Children's Toothpaste
Mouth wash                       Ridders Creek, Cedar + Stone tooth tonic, Essential Oxygen, See all >
Other Dr Tungs Tongue Cleaner, Keeko, DIY activated charcoal, See all >


HAIR CARE               Palm free
Shampoo B&Bees, Cedar + Stone bars, Urthly Organics, Aust. Natural Soap co. (bulk on order). Dindi travel shampoo,  See all >
Conditioner B & B apple cider vinegar, Acure argan oil, Miessence protect, Desert Shadow conditioning mask, See all >
Treatment Desert shadow silk oil, Desert shadow curl rescue, Cedar + Stone headlice bar, Miessence hair protect, 
Style  Miessence shape, 
Dry Shampoo Acure See all >
Rinse  Miessence, 
Spray  Noosa Basics Sea Spray 
Colour  Desert Shadow, Logona See all >


Sunscreen &     MosquitoPalm free
Sunscreen Wot Not sunscreen, Sun & Zinc sun block, UV lip balm, Miessence SPF15 Reflect Outdoor Balm See all >
Mosquito Repellant Urthly Organics Bug Off , Miessence Buzz Free, Beauty & Bees Bugged Balm, Tinderbox Moth Repellent, Para Kito Bands, Mosquito Bands, New Mountain Sandalwood Diffuser See all >
Fake tan /Self Tanning No palm oil free tanning products found as yet.

Palm Oil Free Makeup

MAKEUP                 Palm free
Liquid Foundation We are yet to find a liquid/cream foundation that is free from palm. An ingenious solution by Evohe: Evohe Repair Intensive Cream mixed with Evohe mineral powders
Compact / Pressed Powder All pressed powders we have found use palm oil derived ingredients to bind the powder.
Loose Mineral Powder  Inika, Eco Minerals, Evohe, Miessence See all >
Translucent Powder Miessence, 
Concealer Miessence, 
Blush / Bronzer Selected Inika, Eco Minerals, Miessence See all >
 Lipstick & Lipgloss Noyah, Inika, Neek, Suvana, Mokosh lip balm, See all >
 Lip Liner  None as yet
 Lip Balm  Hurraw (POI Approved), Mokosh Lip Balm, Olieve, Eco Lips, Suvana, Two Winged Fruit, See all >
 Mascara  No palm oil free mascara as yet.  One option is castor oil for moist looking lashes. See all >
 Eye Liner / Eye Pencil  Earth Lab, Inika (eyeshadow & damp angled brush) See all >
 Eye Shadow  Eco Minerals, selected Inika, See all >
 Perfume  O'hana, Tinderbox balms only, Cedar + Stone aftershave oil, Miessence aftershave balm, Miessence body spray, Miessence body powder, Vrindavan, Mt Retour EO, Tinderbox EO, See all >
Brow Balm   Cocokind
Nail Polish /Remover  Sienna  See all >


Palm Oil Free Cleaning

LAUNDRY                  Palm free
Laundry Liquid Soap Berries / Soap Nuts
Wool Wash Soap Berries / Soap Nuts
Laundry Powder Clean Conscience Laundry Powder
Whitener Stain Remover Oxygen Bleach


KITCHEN & ALL        Palm free
Dish Washing Make your own with soap berries
Dishwasher powder  Kin Kin Dishwasher Powder
Surface spray cleaners Clean Conscience
Creamy Cleanser Clean Conscience
Floor Cleaner Resparkle, White vinegar and warm water in a bucket with rose geranium essential oil
Mould cleaner Clove essential oil mixed in a water in a spray bottle
 Window Cleaner Clean Conscience, Resparkle
 Wood Polish  Tinderbox
All Purpose Essential Oils, Bi Carb, Castille Soap, Oxygen Bleach,Clean Conscience See all green cleaning >


BATH & TOILET        Palm free
Toilet Cleaner Clean Conscience, Urthly Organics
Bathroom Spray Clean Conscience


Palm Oil Free Food

FOOD                      Palm free
 Nut Butters  99th Monkey (POI Approved), Loving Eart Coconut Paste
 Chocolate  Pana, Alter Eco, Bahen & Co  See all >
 Coconut oil  Loving Earth Coconut oil, Coconut Magic See all >
 Organic Tea Pukka, See all >
 Flours & Baking Mixes  Green Banana Flour, Teff Pancake Mix, The Fit Foodie, Bake Mixes
Super Foods & Nuts  Salad Spinkles, Paleo Pure Bars  See all >
Hemp products Hemp Seeds, Hemp Powder, Hemp Oil See all >
Probiotic & Vitamins  Eden Health Foods Probiotic and Natural Vitamin C
Salt Murray River Salt, Tasman Sea Salt See all >


Entire Brands that are 100% Palm Oil Free

Brand                   CertificationsDescription 
 Mokosh  POI Approved, Certified Organic  Organic Skin and Body Care Range, Made in WA


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