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Wean Green safe glass containers

This range kicked off with the hugely popular Wean Green cubes, a safe glass baby food container that could go from fridge to freezer, to microwave to serving. Building on that success, the range grew to bigger containers called Bowls and Sandwich Cubes. 

Member of 1% For the Planet.
Scratch, stain and odour resistant tempered glass.
Watertight and airtight lid with integrated silicone seal.
Easy to open and close snap lock lid.
Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal glass - designed to go through temperature extremes, if broken it shatters into pebble pieces rather than shards, lasts longer and does not become fragile with use.
Microwave safe without lid (remove lid before microwave use).  Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe.

# BPA free, lead free, PVC free and phthalate free

The Wean Green range:

Sandwich cube
Wean Green sandwich cubes (2 pack) in Raspberry. Also available in Carrot, Green Pea and Blueberry.
Example of stylish, green packaging.

Wean Green bowls (2 pack) in Blueberry. Also available in Raspberry, Green Pea and Carrot.

Wean Green Cubes - Garden pack of 4 mixed colours. Perfect safe glass baby food storage.





Wean Green glass food containers 


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