Like our name, biome, we're all an interconnected community of plants and animals existing in harmony.

We're here to help you step along the journey to living more harmoniously. We know you're concerned about the environment and the effect of toxins on your health, but you can sometimes feel overwhelmed about the best choice to make.  Our mission is to think about all aspects of a product's life so that you can make a mindful choice that fits with your values. 

Through our thriving conscious community online, grassroots and school partnerships, like-minded suppliers, social media networks, and our four physical stores in Brisbane, we educate, encourage and advocate for the changes we want to see in the world. 


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In the past 12 months, the Biome community has saved the waste of an incredible 6.7 million single use pastic items by using their reusable cups, bottles, straws and bags. We call it #thepowerofone


Since I started Biome in 2003, we have grown to a team of around 46 passionate people driven by doing what's right for our community, not what's easy or most profitable.

We started as an online shop - the first online eco store in Australia - soon after which we opened a physical store in Paddington, Brisbane. Our second store opened in the Brisbane CBD in 2007 - I believe the first eco store in a Central Business District anywhere in the world!  Paying high rents was a risk, but we were bringing toxin-free, sustainable alternatives to the heart of mainstream shopping. Our wonderful conscious community responded and with their support we're still there.  We have since opened stores at Indooroopily Shopping Centre, and 216 Riding Road in Balmoral. Building a business has been as tough as everyone warns it will be!

One of the experiences that led me to act was an encounter with orangutans in 1996 deep in the Kalimantan jungle (yes, Biome germinated for many years!).  For her book What can I do?, Lisa Harrow interviewed and quoted me: "When you look into an orangutan's eyes, it is so close to a human looking back - you can see their emotions, their vulnerability. This magnificent animal is master of its habitat but defenceless against the destruction humans are wrecking. They really are symbolic of the animals and people suffering all over our planet because we are messing with the natural order."

From day one, I have carefully researched and questioned each supplier for truth in labelling and safe ingredients.  I have been told many times, in a voice suggesting I was doing something wrong:  "Tracey, no one else has ever asked that question."  An answer that at first made me feel foolish, but I soon learned to take it as a compliment!

Tracey Bailey, Founder of Biome

B Corporation

After rigorous scrutiny of our business, we are proud to have achieved B Corporation certification, joining the ranks of world changing business such as KeepCup, Patagonia and Klean Kanteen--and we are the first retailer in Australia to do so. For 14 years, we have relentlessly built a business that supports employees, suppliers, community and the environment.  Our business protects the environment via an ethical and innovative retail business model that empowers customers to make a difference to themselves and the planet.

B Corporation is a non-profit organisation that assesses a company’s governance, environmental and social impact, and certifies businesses on their ability to create value for all stakeholders, not only shareholders.   Other B Corporation certified brands you will find at Biome are: Tom Organic, Badger Co.


Our social and sustainability practices

Green Power for our stores and warehouse, energy-efficient lighting, measuring and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, recycling across the business including sending all soft plastics for recycling, re-using all materials for packing orders in our warehouse, fitting out our stores with recycled, repurposed, and no VOC materials, seeking packaging free products from our suppliers, and developing our own packaging free products.

To live our belief in simple, clean, and waste free products, we now offer the raw ingredients for our community to make their own skin care, cosmetics and cleaning products!

We support many organisations you can read about here » Biome beCAUSE


In the news

We are very grateful for the media who helped to spread the word about sustainable and ethical choices by telling the story of Biome.  Here is a great feature about Biome's motivation and achievements by the independent magazine Peppermint, whom we admire for their sustainability focus » "Be the Change".  Find other » media coverage highlights.


What is a biome?

A "biome" is an inter-connected ecological community of plants and animals that exists in harmony within a geographical and climatic zone. Our planet is a wonderous patchwork of biomes, like the desert, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest. In fact, the planet itself is one large biome.  We draw on this inspiration with our business, learning to exist in harmony with all who share our planet.

We love the many ways you pronounce Biome, but officially it is pronounced bye-oh-m (rhymes with 'home').

Some of my favourite inspiring words

"If we do not do something and we keep dirtying our planet, we will end to destroy it...
If I have the possibility, I want to contribute to go in another direction." 

Italian pianist, Ludovico Einaudi who composed and performed "Elegy for the Arctic"
on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean against the backdrop of the the Wahlenbergbreen Glacier, in conjunction with Greenpeace.

"Buy Less.  Choose Well.  Make it Last." 

Vivienne Westwood



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