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Charting the most sustainable and ethical course through life is not always clear-cut, but there is no doubt that expressing your values through your purchasing power will make a difference!

We've researched the best zero wate, toxin free and ethical products so that you can make choices that matter to you. While all our body and home products are strictly plant-based and free of harmful ingredients, there are other values we know you want to consider, such as where and by whom the product is made.

Our top principle is that the product is safe for the planet and all who share it - so, for example, it must not only be 'cruelty free', but must also be free from toxins and petrochemicals. 

We insist on full ingredient disclosure so that you can make an informed choice.  Every choice you make sends a powerful message to create the world you want.

As you browse our site, use the "Filter by what matters to you" to help you shop by your values.

Certified Cruelty Free

No testing on animals of both the final product and any ingredients.  You believe no creature should be harmed for another's use.

Only those brands certified by Choose Cruelty Free, Leaping Bunny, or Peta.

Cruelty free body care >

Made in Australia

You know this one. Plus, we take it a step further with locally-made, hand crafted products.

For many people low-carbon miles are important, so is the community-enriching support of local producers.

Australian made gifts >

Palm oil free

Meaning NO palm at all.

There's too much uncertainty around 'sustainable palm oil' - so if you're passionate about the orangutans and their forests it's safest to avoid all palm oil.

Palm oil free body >

Toxin free

We've ruled out a long list of nasties. We don't compromise on toxins in your skin, hair and cleaning products.

No synthetic ingredients, preservatives or fragrances.  What's best for you is best for the planet too!

Toxin free tooth care >

Ethically sourced

We seek a statement from every manufacturer about the fair treatment of their workers, particularly products made in developing nations. 

We support reputable, transparent brands who are accountable for their manufacturing.

Certified Fair Trade

For those producers that can, this certification scheme gives reassurance that the grower or maker has fair working conditions and terms of trade.

Fairtrade certification logo appears.

Zero Waste

Any item that has zero packaging, or that encourages a waste-free life, such as reusable cups, bags and bottles, and menstrual cups. 

You're a champion of reducing single-use plastics!

Petrochemical free

Our ingredients are 100% clear - every single product that you put on your body, or smell, or eat, does not contain any petrochemicals.

The only petrochemicals at Biome are in plastic packaging and reusable items such as bottles, lunch boxes and bags.


For all our gentle souls who choose not to eat or use any animal product such as meat, milk, eggs, wool, leather, honey and beeswax.


Literally means "uncooked" or food in all its naked natural glory. We're talking food or ingredients that have not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade.

'Safe' plastic

We are all at different places on our journey, so we do offer some sturdy plastics that are free from BPA, BPB, PVC, lead, melamine, phthalates. If carrying a reusable water bottle made from practical plastic helps you stop buying water in disposable bottles, then we support you!

Fragrance free

Your nose knows! Everyone can smell the difference when they enter a Biome store.

All our products are free from synthetic fragrance and parfum. The only scents in our place are straight from plants.

Plastic free

Live a life with less plastic with our alternatives made from glass, stainless steel, organic cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo and wood.


The Humus Test... It's only compostable if the product can be buried in your garden or compost heap and turns to humus (decayed organic material). 

Forget degradable, if it's headed for landfill like 'non-recyclable bio cups', it's mummified for eternity.

Made to Last

Buy it once! Your forever bottle is possible because we offer materials like stainless steel, and insist on replacement parts being available.  Or, there is a lifetime guarantee and no planned obsolescence.

Certified Organic

It's too easy for companies to pop 'organic' on a label, so we require substantiation of any organic claim. Preferably this will be independent certification of the finished product (not just inputs). For e.g. BFA, ACO, NASAA.

Gluten free

For those suffering from coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, only where the manufacturer has stated the product is gluten free.

Dairy free

Whether for dieatary or humane reasons, these are products that contain no dairy products or derivatives.

Certified B Corporation

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

As the Story of Stuff succintly illustrates, consumer power is mightier than citizen (voting) power.



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