A guide to: a plastic free life

Living without plastic seems impossible, but living with less is something we can all do.

5 easy tips

to eliminate everyday plastic

  1. Take your own bags shopping
  2. Invest in a stainless steel water bottle – no more bottled water
  3. Forget commercial cleaners – choose home remedies
  4. Choose glass & stainless steel food containers
  5. Buy bread fresh from the bakery and ask for a paper bag – or take your own
Cut down on your use of plastic shopping bags becuase many end up in the ocean. Angela Kinsey

What’s so toxic about plastic?

PVC & Phthalates are the hidden hazard commonly found in many plastic applications from packaging to microbeads in personal care products. By avoiding plastics you reduce the harm they do to your body as well as other organisms in our ecosystem.

Treat yourself

and the environment

Instead of keeping plastic tubs of ice cream in the fridge go to an ice creamery and treat yourself to an ice cream cone.

When the only option is plastic

Choose wisely

When you do need to replace something made of plastic choose second hand instead! If you can’t get what you need second hand look for products that minimise their plastic use or are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Dindi Naturals soap

Say no to liquid soaps

Use ‘old style’ bars instead

Choose soap and shampoo bars over liquid products in plastic bottles. Bars are just as effective and hygienic as the liquid alternatives. Go natural with an apple cider conditioning rinse available in reusable glass bottles.

Natural Fibres

Is your house filled with plastic bristles?

Did you know you can get a whole range of brushes that use natural fibre bristles? A natural fibre toothbrush will give you a gentle clean – plastic free.

Wooden brush

A plastic free close shave

Look for natural shave soap and replaceable razor heads

Invest in a shaving brush and tin of Dindi shave soap for a natural lather – invest in a razor that takes replaceable heads or for the brave at heart a safety razor to go completely plastic free.

"I'm plastic free"

Imagine living your life free of plastic? "That's just impossible" you say...

Well others are finding ways and we're here to help you make the change 'one step at a time'. By making simple changes you too could one day claim "I'm plastic free".

  • Think about how many products you use that contain plastic and look for resuable and safe ways to reduce your reliance on plastic.
  • Package and preserve your own healthy snacks and breads using a dehydrator. Believe it or not glass jars & containers are the best way to preserve and freeze dried foods.
  • Juice your own vitamin packed drinks for healthy alternatives to sugary drinks.

Products to help you achieve a plastic free life

Food containers Water bottles Cleaning Natural body care


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