Green living soft cheese kit

Green living cheese kits provide the essentials for you to make fresh, delicious cheese at home - just add milk!  Suitable for beginners, no experience needed. The soft cheese kit can make 11 varieties of soft cheeses with enough ingredients for at least 100 batches.

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Discover the simple pleasure of making your own fresh, wholesome foods at home with Green Living kits and ingredients.

The soft cheese kit is suitable for beginners with no cheese making experience. Each kit includes detailed easy to follow instructions that will demystify the cheese making process and reward you with beautiful fresh cheese without additives or preservatives.

WIth this kit you can make 11 different cheese varieties including: lemon cheese, yoghurt cheese, queso blanco, chevre, creme fraiche, fromage blanc, american neufchatel, cream cheese, quark, bondon cheese & feta.

Green living cheese kits provide the essentials for you to make fresh, delicious cheese at home.  You can use any dairy milk of your choosing, including regular full cream milk that you might buy from the supermarket. 

Shipping note: please attend to your package as soon as possible as cultures can be sensitive to temperatures. Do not panic if they have warmed for a few days, just store them as instructed as soon as practical. 

you are making a difference:

  • Small local business who promote a sustainable lifestyle & 'make your own' foods
  • Making your own with reusable packaging saves waste and preserves resources


  • 24 page recipe / instruction Booklet
  • 1 x washable tight weave cheese cloth
  • 1 x 200mm cheese thermometer
  • Sterile jars
  • 1 x 100L MO 030 mesophilic starter culture
  • 1 x 200L MO 036 mesophilic starter culture
  • 50ml liquid vegetable rennet with dropper cap
  • 250g cheese salt
  • 50ml calcium chloride

cheese making myths busted:

  1. You need raw milk to make cheese. Busted: since 1943 the cheese has been made with pastuerised milk. 
  2. You can't make cheese with homogenised milk. Busted: Goat milk is naturally homogenised, and is one of the most popular milks for making cheese.
  3. Cheese cultures die if left out of the freezer for a short time. Busted: Bacterial infections would not exist in a warm climate if this was true.

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