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    5 Steps to Go No Poo – The “No Poo” Shampoo Method

    The No Poo Method, where you ditch generic shampoo for healthier options, makes a lot of sense. Short for “No Shampoo”, the No Poo method has a lot of devoted fans who have abandoned the petrochemicals and detergents in conventional shampoo, and let their scalp return to its natural oil balance, saving them time,...

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    Our Guide to the Best Water Bottles for Kids of all Ages

    Looking for a kids water bottle that can handle being knocked around and is free from harmful chemicals? Traditional plastic water bottles often contain toxic materials. They can release potentially harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Dioxin.  The negative health effects of these ingredients can show up over time. These chemicals are...

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    How to play Finska

    How to Play Finska – The Best Summer Holiday Game!

    Fancy a game these holidays that the whole family can play? Want to get the kids outdoors and away from the screen? Something that gets you into the sunshine but makes you use your mathematics skills? If this sounds attractive, Finska is the game for your family these holidays. Based on ancient log tossing...

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    Palm oil free soap

    Your Guide to Biome’s Palm Oil Free Soap

    What is palm oil and why should we care about it? Sounds like a lovely tropical oil, right? Reminiscent of the reef oil we used to slather on ourselves back in the day? Forget the nostalgic connotations the name brings. Palm oil is actually the ingredient used in many cosmetics and food that is...

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    Safety Razor Review

    Safety Razor Review – Why We Love Them & Top Tips

    At Biome, we love our safety razor.  Less irritation, longer between shaves, and smoother skin – who doesn’t want that? Caroline (our Brisbane Area Manager), Michele, (our Marketing & E-Commerce Manager), and Nancy (our Product Development Manager), all use their safety razors on the weekly basis, so they’ve given us a safety razor review! Safety Razor...

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    How to practice mindfulness

    Five Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

    What is mindfulness and how does it help you? Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to what is happening in the current moment. In other words, it is being fully present in the moment, aware of where you are and what you’re doing. The theory is that you are not overwhelmed or...

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    Your Guide to Palm Oil Free Make Up

    Palm oil free makeup is both a rarity and an important purchase for those wanting to help the planet. But why exactly should we choose palm oil free? Why is it to hard to find palm oil free products? And what can we do to make sure we look great, and keep up the great...

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    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes Naturally

    Best Natural Ways to Stop Mosquitoes From Biting You

    Summer is here, and so are the mozzies. But how can you stop mosquitoes from biting you without resorting to products containing chemical pesticides such as DEET (diethyltoluamide) or Picaridin? DEET is one of the most common ingredients in conventional mosquito repellents. However it is not the safest option for your health and that...

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    Make your own pink clay face mask with hemp seed oil

    DIY Pink Clay & Hemp Seed Oil Face Mask

    Our nourishing, moisturising and balancing pink clay and hemp seed oil face mask is ideal for those with dry and combination skin. Gentle pink clay works to absorb excess sebum and eliminate redness, while antioxidant rich hemp seed oil provides moisture, nourishment and balance. It is so incredibly easy to make your own pink...

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    How to Break Up with Plastic Cling Wrap this Christmas

    If there is an ideal time to find less-wasteful, safe alternatives to plastic cling wrap, Christmas is the time. With all the plates of food, leftovers, and transporting delicious spreads to parties and picnics, we need a hygienic way to cover and contain our food. So why not do so zero waste style? At Biome, we...

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    PackIt Bento

    Ice Pack Free School Lunch With PackIt Bento

    Packing a healthy, zero waste lunch for school or work can be a struggle, and then there’s the challenge of keeping it cool and fresh for several hours. For instance: ice packs. They’re necessary to keep our food fresh and safe, but how safe are the ice packs? What happens if they leak? How toxic...

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    Cocokind Palm Oil Free Skin Care Products

    Cocokind – A Skincare Routine for the Whole Family

      Are you looking for a gentle, truly eco-friendly skin care range the whole family can use? Cocokind is out pick. It is petrochemical free, palm oil free, and each product is made with five ingredients or less. It is minimalist skin care with superfood ingredients. Plus the range is organic, vegan and Fair Trade!...

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    Four Health Benefits of MCT Oil – Is it Coconut Oil?

    MCT Oil, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil, is a dietary supplement with many health benefits. Derived from coconut oil, MCT Oil not only creates sustained energy, but is great in many forms and for those with food intolerances. Shop MCT Oil here > But how is it different from coconut oil? Coconut oil by itself is a...

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    Urban Greens Window Sill Veggie Garden

    Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving

    Christmas is almost here. By now you are probably thinking of gifts for loved ones and perhaps you have a nagging feeling that it is all a bit wasteful. So many ‘normal’ gifts end up in landfill or are made of dangerous plastic. To assuage your worries and give you a happy alternative, here...

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