Biome Naked Natural Beauty Bar - Multi Masking

    DIY Multi Masking

    Multi masking is the latest skin care trend that you may have heard about, so we thought we would have a bit of fun at our Naked Beauty Bar and create our own! Multi masking makes it possible to target several skincare concerns at the one time – like an oily t-zone and puffy...

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    How to keep food warmer for longer in an insulated food jar

    Our Guide to Choosing the Right Insulated Food Jar

    There is nothing like a hot lunch during winter, whether you’re at school, uni, or work, to warm you up from the inside out and keep you going for the rest of the day. An insulated food jar makes it easy for you to take your own hot zero waste lunch wherever you go, without...

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    palm oil free store

    The Whole Palm Oil Story: Is Palm Cruelty Free?

    The Biome team is once again showing our fierce commitment to truth and transparency and have turned our uncompromising attention on palm oil.  Our findings are clear: we don’t believe that a product containing untraceable palm oil can be guaranteed cruelty free. Palm oil is grown in monoculture plantations predominantly in Malaysia and Indonesia....

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    How a Cleansing Oil Can Help Your Skin

    How a Cleansing Oil Can Help Your Skin & Our Planet

    The idea of cleansing your face with oil may seem counter-intuitive, especially if you have oily or combination skin. However, a cleansing oil is actually an effective way to remove grime and makeup, without stripping the moisture from the skin and leaving you with that tight, tingly feeling of many cleansers. What’s even better is...

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    War on Waste ABC - how to reduce waste around the home

    War on Waste ABC: Your Game Plan to Reduce Waste

    Thanks to the brilliant ABC series War on Waste, you’ve seen the startling statistics on the waste we Australians generate.  Don’t feel overwhelmed…at Biome we’re great believers in many small changes adding up to a big reduction in waste.  And  we’re here to help! Once you have taken a good look at which discarded...

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    The Swag - Reduce Food Waste with The Swag

    The Swag Produce Bag Review – What Our Community Thought

    What we’re hearing from you is that you’re after a product that will help to save food waste, save plastic waste, save money, and save time. Well, The Swag hits the jackpot with our community! The Swag produce bag starter pack includes one large Swag, two small Swags and one long Swag. You can also...

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    Heal Your Gut - Lee Holmes

    Heal Your Gut with Lee Holmes

    Source: Supercharged Food, Lee Holmes Gut problems are at the forefront of many people’s health concerns: bloating, constipation, indigestion, food intolerance. But did you know that an unhealthy gut has also been linked to other medical issues? Evidence suggests there is a significant link between the human digestive system and overall physical and mental...

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    Candelilla wax and beeswax

    The Difference Between Beeswax & Candelilla Wax

    Do you have a DIY skincare recipe that calls for beeswax or candelilla wax? Or are you looking for a vegan alternative to beeswax? Well we now stock beeswax and candelilla wax at Biome, both of which are fantastic in their own right. Refer to our quick guide below to help you pick the...

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    Is plastic free shopping possible - tips to help you shop without plastic

    Is Plastic Free Shopping Possible?

    The growing plastic free movement is not about getting rid of all the plastic in your life, as that would be impossible for most people.  Instead it is about trying to break our reliance on new items that contain plastic or are packaged in plastic, particularly single-use throwaway plastic. The Rogue Ginger sums it up...

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    Bamboo fibre - are bamboo sheets sustainable

    Bamboozled…Are bamboo sheets and socks eco friendly?

    Whether bamboo sheets, bamboo socks or any bamboo fabrics are environmentally friendly is a dilemma for those taking a sustainable path through life.  Bamboo is the green-wonder resource that grows rapidly without chemicals, fuelling its huge popularity for all forms of consumer goods.  But, there appears to have been little challenging of these eco...

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    Bentonite clay - DIY skincare

    What Is Bentonite Clay & How Do You Use It In DIY Skincare?

    What is Bentonite Clay? Bentonite clay is a nutrient rich, sedimentary clay comprised of aged volcanic ash. It is widely considered to be a healing clay that has the ability to soothe the skin and absorb toxins, impurities and odours. For this reason it is an excellent DIY skincare ingredient. Good quality bentonite clay,...

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    Organic cotton sheets, linen sheets and hemp sheets

    Organic Cotton Sheets vs. Linen Sheets vs. Hemp Sheets

      Are you looking for a more restful, toxin free sleep? Or bedding without allergy-triggering chemicals? And a truly planet-friendly product? You can’t go past genuine organic cotton, linen and hemp sheets. Free from formaldehyde, resins, and irritating dyes, our sheets are ideal for those with sensitive skin or who do not wish to...

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    Activated charcoal powder in jar

    How to Use Activated Charcoal Powder

    Activated charcoal is a highly absorptive and wonderfully detoxifying substance, and is fantastic at drawing bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and other micro particles from the skin and hair. Here are three easy ways you can incorporate medicinal grade activated charcoal into your natural beauty regime, for whiter teeth, clearer skin and voluminous hair without unnecessary chemicals....

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    Aromatherapy and herbal remedies - Tinderbox pure essential oils

    Fragrance Your Home Naturally with Pure Essential Oils

    Essential oils not only smell delightful, they are known to stimulate the central nervous system, create a stress-free environment, relieve tension, energise, improve mental clarity, and so much more. Diffusing essential oils around your home is one of the best ways to take advantage of their incredible properties, while also making your home smell wonderful....

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