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    New Arrivals – Vegetarian and Vegan Recipe Books

    February 22, 2017 • EAT, GUIDES
    Vegetarian and vegan recipe books

    We’ve had lots of beautiful vegetarian and vegan recipe books arrive online, which we are so excited and inspired by. And we are sure you will love discovering new and nutritious plant-based dishes too! Here are some of our favourites. Oh She Glows Everyday In Oh She Glows Every Day, Angela Liddon shares delicious vegan...

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    New Arrivals – Reusable Coffee Cups & Water Bottles

    February 16, 2017 • GUIDES, LIVE
    Reusable coffee cups and bottles - KeepCup coffee cup

    We’ve had so many new reusable coffee cups and reusable water bottles arrive recently, in fact everything you need to take your water, coffee, tea or smoothie with you! BBBYO 750ml Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle BBBYO is an Australian company committed to coastal conservation and keeping plastic and textile waste out of our...

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    DIY Deodorant – Natural, Zero Waste & Toxin Free

    February 14, 2017 • CARE, DIY SKIN CARE, MAKE
    DIY deodorant - how to make natural deodorant at home

    Making your own natural deodorant at home is really easy, not to mention the fact you can save money, reduce single use plastic, and adjust the scent and ingredients to how you like. Plus, this DIY deodorant is free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, aluminium, propylene glycol and parabens, making it much kinder for you...

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    How to Keep Veggies Fresh with The Swag

    February 9, 2017 • EAT, GROW, LIVE
    How to keep veggies fresh in the fridge for longer - The Swag

    Are you tired of throwing out fruit and veggies that have gone bad? Sometimes it seems as though they go bad overnight, no matter how careful we were. Unfortunately, as we know, when food rots in landfill, it gives off methane, a greenhouse gas which is 25 times more potent than the carbon pollution from car...

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    DIY Body Scrub & Soak

    February 8, 2017 • CARE, DIY SKIN CARE, LIVE
    DIY Body Scrub + DIY Skin Care

      DIY body scrubs are wonderful because they: Remove the layer of dead skin cells, leaving soft, smooth, younger cells beneath; Contain oils that nourish the skin and body, like caster, olive or coconut oil; Contain essential oils with aromatherapy properties, to relax, soothe or energise; Are really easy to make and very cost...

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    How to Ferment Vegetables at Home

    February 7, 2017 • EAT, LIVE
    How to ferment vegetables

    Fermenting vegetables at home is a great way to reduce your food waste, improve gut health and save money. It is incredibly easy too! The process of fermenting vegetables begins with lacto-fermentation, which is essentially a method of food preservation that also enhances the nutrient content of the food. The process inhibits the growth...

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    How to Choose the Best Natural Sunscreen for Your Family

    February 2, 2017 • CARE, FAMILY, GUIDES, LIVE
    Natural sunscreen

    It only takes a few serious cases of sunburn to drastically increase your chance of developing skin cancer later in life. One of the best forms of defence against the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays is sunscreen, and Biome stocks a carefully selected range of natural sunscreens to protect you and your family. First, why...

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    Three ways to protect your baby from harmful toxins

    February 1, 2017 • CARE, FAMILY, GUIDES, LIVE
    Eco-Friendly baby products

    As babies there are three things that many of our parents would have used on us – petroleum-based Barrier Cream, Talcum Powder, and Johnson’s Baby Oil. Sound about right? However, did you know that these three common baby care products generally contain petrol and other toxins?  It’s time to turn back to our grandparents’...

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    Australian Made Beauty at Biome – Beautiful Australian Beauty Brands

    January 24, 2017 • LIVE
    Australian made beauty

    At Biome, we believe in supporting local eco businesses wherever possible, before sourcing from overseas. Here are just some of the wonderful Australian beauty brands that make their products right here in Australia. Beauty and the Bees   Beauty and the Bees provides rich, nourishing and luxurious skin care made from natural, local ingredients in Tasmania....

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    EverEarth Wooden Toys – Sustainable, Fun & Beautiful

    January 23, 2017 • FAMILY, GUIDES, LIVE
    EverEarth Noah's Arc shape sorting toy

    We have recently added a beautiful new range of wooden toys to our stores from EverEarth. There is so much to love about EverEarth toys. They are are timeless, well crafted, and made from environmentally friendly materials and sustainable FSC-certified wood. No harmful chemicals are used, and they do not contain BPA or PVC, meaning your...

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    Skin Care For Hot Humid Weather: Our Secret Fixes

    January 20, 2017 • CARE, GUIDES
    skincare tips for australia's hot summer

    Australia has been sweltering with hot weather, and while exercising, at a festival, or simply on your commute, we’ve all experienced a sweaty, sticky face.  So, how is the best way to keep your skin feeling fresh and clear?  Here are our skin care tips for Summer, including the secret fixes the Biome team...

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    Freezing Food in Glass – Why We Love It & What You Can Freeze

    January 17, 2017 • EAT, FAMILY, GUIDES, LIVE
    Eliminating Plastic from you Kitchen - Freezing Food In Glass

    Image: Frédérique Voisin-Demery Are you in the process of phasing out plastic storage containers and swapping them for glass? Glass is an excellent way to store food, whether it be in the pantry, the fridge, or even the freezer. Why we Love Freezing Food in Glass Healthier for the environment Unlike plastic, glass is...

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    Back to School – Making a List & Checking it Twice

    January 16, 2017 • FAMILY, GUIDES, LIVE
    Back to school list

    By Biome guest blogger, Julie Orr. It’s that time of the year again, and we are getting ready to send the kids back to school. For some people, it will be the first year and for my family it’s a completely different year – as we are starting home school. A couple of my...

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    Get Vegucated!

    January 12, 2017 • CARE, EAT, FAMILY, LIVE
    Image credit: Vegucation Brisbane

    Image credit: Vegucation Brisbane Vegucation Brisbane Vegan Event Review by Kate Dunphy Changing your habits to fit a vegan diet can be daunting, and nothing crushes the spirit like hot chips being the only vegan option on a restaurant menu. With the rise in awareness of the detrimental effects that the meat industry has...

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