LED light bulbs

It's easy to start with LED light bulbs (whether replacing screw in bulbs or downlights) and make a huge difference to global warming and your budget.

Switch out old Incandescent or Compact Fluorescent bulbs:
Simply screw in LED light bulbs from Vintage LED or Brightgreen. Check first whether you need a Bayonet or Edison end.

Convert Halogen downlights to efficient LED downlight bulbs:
1.  Check the fitting on the light bulb you wish to replace – MR16 (two sharp pins) or GU10 (two stubby pins with a knob on the end)?
MR16  – you need a Brightgreen DR700* LED light bulb. Matches the brightness of a 50W halogen, pays for itself in approx. 2 years
GU10 – you need a Brightgreen DR450* LED light bulb. Softer light, direct replacement for 35W halogen downlights

2. Try one or two first to ensure you are happy. Brightgreen LED downlight bulbs work with all transformers and most dimmers.

Brightgreen brochure for more info » Brightgreen LED light bulbs (pdf) Blog post on how to reduce your energy bills using LED lights>


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