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butter London nail polish

In our opinion Butter London has deceived customers by displaying the cruelty free "Leaping Bunny" logo when it was never certified by the official organisation, and it allowed a perception to be perpetuated that the products are vegan.  Since this being exposed, Butter London has been evasive in what it says and has not apologised.  Should you wish to research for yourself, please google "butter london not vegan cruelty free" and you'll find bloggers such as Cruelty Free Kitty.

Butter London has been a best seller for us since 2011, but unfortunately we can not support a company that conducts itself in this way, so we will no longer stock Butter London.  We are selling off what we have as we would prefer the resources are not wasted.

So, Butter London placed the Leaping Bunny on its products.  When used officially, this logo means the product is "cruelty free" i.e. not tested on animals.  However, many of us believe cruelty free also means does not contain animal ingredients.  Afterall, how can killing a fish or insect mean "cruelty free"?  We have not found a record of BL itself claiming it is vegan, but it appeared to allow the blogosphere to do a very good job for it.  There are many vegan and beauty blogs that since 2010 have included Butter London on their "top 10 vegan beauty" lists... and from there it seems to have ballooned.  BL says very little about itself except the "3-5-7 free" claim.

Why is Butter London not vegan?  Many nail polish ranges contain pigments from insects such as crushed beetles for the red (carmine), fish scales (guanine or "pearl essence") for glitter, silk, and oyster shells.  Most Butter London polishes we have stocked for years contained some animal ingredients.

Earlier this year, Butter London also made us confused about the nail polish now being "7 free", when in fact it is the exact same formulation as "5 free", they are just upping the marketing hype. The packaging still said 5 free, but they were marketing 7 free.  We simply prefer to deal with people that are straight up and keep it crystal clear.

We are instead offering Kester Black nail polish - Austalian made, certified cruelty free, vegan nail polish. It is also "7 free" - that is, it is free from the same 7 ingredients that Butter London claims to be free from: toluene, DBP,  camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, Ethyl Tosylamide, or Xylene.

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