Natural mosquito repellent

Keep mozzies away without insecticides, DEET and other toxic chemicals.  Aside from a physical barrier such as a mosquito net or clothing, the best non toxic way to deter mosquitos is with a natural mosquito repellant based on essential oils that mozzies dislike.  Wear light-coloured, long sleeves and pants. Natural antiseptic oils also help with mozzie bites and itching. Parakito mosquito protection refillable wristbands have essential oils impregnated into polymers to create natural mosquito protection.

All of our mozzie repellents are palm oil free (most natural sprays use a palm oil derived solubiser to bind the water and oils) and cruelty free. Don't miss our amazing Mosquito Click that takes away the sting and itch!

Conventional mozzie coils can be highly toxic and should be avoided. They rarely disclose the actual ingredients on the packaging (for example, Mortein Mosquito Coils) so you have no idea what you are breathing in, including pyrethroid (a synthetic pyrethrum), allethrin, formaldehyde, and lung carcinogens.


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