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Natural mosquito repellent

It is possible to keep mozzies away without using toxic insecticides and chemicals.  Aside from a physical barrier such as a mosquito net or clothing, the non tpxoc way to deter mosquitos is with a natural mosquito repellant based on essential oils.  Suitable clothing such as light-coloured, long sleeves and long pants, are important also.


Parakito mosquito protection are refillable wristbands and clips, based on a proprietary technology of impregnation of mosquito hating essential oils into polymers to create natural mosquito protection. Simply insert a replaceable pellet into the band and stay protected for 15 consecutive days.  Each wristband or clip includes two pellets (equal to 30 days of protection). 

  • Easily worn on the ankle, wrist or kept nearby for protection (clip onto a pram for babies).
  • Safe for the whole family, pregnant women and young children aged 3 years & over.
  • Waterproof - can be worn whilst swimming and during water activities.
  • DEET and chemical free.


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